Beyond Human Capacity

Beyond Human Capacity By Michael Hotchkiss The elevator eased to a stop at ST6. Subterranean Level floors were not shown on the directory plaque in the expansive lobby of EnSidio Corp, 25 meters above. An orange glow radiated through the gap of opening doors like a vertical sunrise. There were no door numbers or labels … More Beyond Human Capacity

The Rescue

This is Part 1 of The Rescue which is a continuation of San Pietro Rose posted previously in this blog. Parts 2 and 3 of the Rescue to follow in the coming weeks.

21 Things

While typically posting Sales Career oriented topics, I believe this compilation contains wisdom when dealing with people under any circumstance. 1.      Figure out a better way to do things before you do them, not after 2.      More information is always better 3.      Listen, don’t hear 4.      Be proactive, not reactive 5.      Details matter


It was time to go. I’m not sure what prompted this. I was as popular as ice cream, I had lots of friends. I oozed confidence and possessed youthful energy more powerful than the sun. I took a step anyway. It was a new place with lots of brick buildings connected by concrete paths that … More Steps

San Pietro Rose Part 1

Photograph from Ralph Hotchkiss archive: Captain Ralph Hotchkiss (Left – my Grandfather & Major Frank Pellegrin) Ravello, Italy March 1944. This is a historical non-fiction short story. It is based on song lyrics written by Major Frank Pellegrin about a doughfoot named Joe Maloney who meets an Italian girl named Rose after the US Army … More San Pietro Rose Part 1