Nobody Else Complained!

As I have reported in previous posts, I am working on a new book project. The book is to be called the Winter Line Stories and is based on stories my Grandfather wrote as an Army Liaison Officer for the Army Public Affairs Bureau during the Italian Campaign of World War II.

After the war  he continued to write. Partially as an Ad Exec for Maxon in Detroit and partly as a a freelancer to Publications such as the Saturday Evening Post. His first story was published as a feature in the SEP about his journey home with the troops in the Spring of 1945 called “This is Our Road Home”.

Unencumbered by the strict censorship demanded of reports from the front line of a war zone, his sense of humor became evident to more than just the soldiers he had spent 2 hellish years with touring in Southern Italy.

This is one of the stories he submitted for publication to various outlets. I could not determine if it ever saw the inside of a magazine or column piece in a newspaper. So in case you are under the age of 85 and not closely associated with the 36th Infantry Division, you probably missed this (original scanned document):

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