​Amanda, Pete and Rob were new to the jailbreaking business. If Rob had not been wrongly convicted of assault, none of them would have ever thought of orchestrating one. College degrees and well-paying jobs did not a conspiracy to commit a felony make. They were three months in the planning and a few hours from … More Jailbreak

Speaking Moronic

Mike Hotchkiss – Nov 1, 2016 There are many professions that require verbal interaction. There are times where this is a pleasant experience and times when it is extremely awkward.  The issue becomes thus if the person you are engaging sings from a different songbook – typically of his or her own making. Now it’s … More Speaking Moronic

A Dissertation on the Undesirability of the Quadrilaterals

Banish the use of the four-letter words Whose meanings are never obscure The Angels and Saxons, those bawdy old birds, Were vulgar, obscene, and impure. But cherish the use of the weaseling phrase That never says quite what you mean — You’d better be known for your hypocrite ways Than as ‘vulgar’, ‘obscene’, or ‘impure. … More A Dissertation on the Undesirability of the Quadrilaterals